Best Spring Mattresses – Types & Reviews

1. Pocket Spring Mattress

The pocket spring mattress is mostly known for its grid of springs which is located in a separate fabric pocket for each of them. Other names for it include encased springs, wrapped coils, and encased coils. Each of the springs operates independently as they are not wired jointly.

The reason why this mattress is considered a great product to buy is that the surrounding areas of each spring are not affected by the weight of any one of them. According to research, the main idea behind the manufacturing of these spring mattresses is to provide the best and appropriate support concerning motion transfer suppression when there is more than one person sleeping on the bed.

It is also great to note that because the pocket spring mattress is a well-made product, the satisfactory level of wadding or firm pad on the underneath, makes it suited to be used on a slatted base.


There are some basic things to consider when choosing this mattress. These include the fact that any regular type of mattresses contains 325 springs. However, this particular type of mattress has a minimum of 1000 springs and can have a maximum of 3000 springs. The requirement for a mattress over 2000 spring though, is if the weight on it is more than 30 stone.


The mattress with 1000, 1500 or 3000 springs is considered to be firm and of good quality. A common problem that people have is back pain and most times this is as a result of unfavorable sleeping conditions. Unlike the standard innerspring mattresses where every disturbance is felt because of the continuous wiring, the separately encased springs serve to effectively reduce motion transfer. In addition to exercise and good nutrition to take care of the body, quality sleep will allow the body to repair, cleanse and rejuvenate the mind and body.


  • Exceptional spinal support
  • Adapts to the movement and contours of the body
  • Responsible for completely undisturbed sleep
  • Best choice for durability, comfort and support
  • Allows the regulation of moisture as well as air circulation to avoid heat build-up


  • Tendency to sag after about a year or two of use
  • The maximum warranty of the pocket spring mattress is 10 years
  • Not much support for spinal alignment or the back
  • Pressure points are unavoidable as each spring has the same push back force and body weight do not spread evenly

Lifespan and cleaning

Like any other mattress, overtime the pocket spring mattress tends to get softer. However, this type of mattress is designed to take care of the body for a long period so one can last for up to ten years. It is important to keep the mattress clean and protect it from liquids by using a mattress protector of good quality.

If the mattress should get soiled there is a particular way to clean it. The one cleaning method that is recommended is vacuuming. Lightly apply cold water and a mild soap if cleaning a stain. It is never a wise move to soak any mattress. Using chemicals or fluids for dry cleaning can cause damage to the comfort level of the materials used to upholster it.

2. Coil Spring Mattress

The coil spring mattress uses a pre-compressed coil spring system to offer comfort and support to the user. The springs are open and often there are as many as 360 in each mattress, which are linked throughout a wireframe.

What is a Pocketed Coil Spring Mattress?

This style of mattress is similar to the coil spring mattress; however, every coil spring is individually sewed into a small pocket, which provides unique uplift and support.

What is an Open Coil Spring Mattress?

There are several different styles of open coil spring mattresses, and all are beneficial to the user. These mattresses are mass-produced, and offer a spring system that is linked together across the whole length and width of the mattress.

Difference between Coil and Spring Mattress

The main differences between coil and sprung mattresses are the initial design and style of springs that are used.


  • Affordable
  • Bounce affect
  • Many different styles
  • Firm
  • Not temperature sensitive


  • Not as much relief as other styles of mattress
  • Comfort level decreases rapidly
  • Wear and tear happens far faster
  • Sleep patterns affected

3. Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress comprises of three core elements, which include the foundation, the spring core and the upholstery. This style of mattress was invented in 1871 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. The most iconic product on the market today is the Molblly 12-inch Innerspring hybrid mattress, its unique Tempered Steel Coil System technical process has raised the industry standard of Innerspring Mattress to a higher level.

How is it made?

Innerspring mattresses are made up of hundreds of coils, and as the number increases, the firmness of the mattress is determined. There are many different innerspring mattresses on the market today; however, they all use the coil system.

Does it needs boxspring?

Some people do use the innerspring mattress with a box spring; however, it is not necessary, and you will find they are just as comfortable on their own.

Can you use it on an adjustable bed?

Yes, the innerspring mattress can be used for adjustable beds; however, there are other alternatives that are often preferred. This style of mattress is not that flexible, which can make the bed feel uncomfortable.

Is it safe?

Consumers continue to worry about their safety when sleeping, which is why they want to ensure that the mattress they choose is safe. The innerspring mattress is entirely safe and is not toxic at all, guaranteeing that every family member can have one of these mattresses on their bed.

Durability and Lifespan

This style of mattress does tend to sag far faster than others, which means that it does not have such longevity as other styles. However, with the correct care you will find that the innerspring mattress can last for up to eight years.

How to Clean

Cleaning a mattress may seem a daunting task, and you need to understand the correct method of cleaning before you begin. The mattress should be routinely vacuumed, and then cleaned with a spray bottle and hard brush. You need to ensure that the mattress can dry thoroughly before you return it to the bed.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to find
  • Pockets for comfort
  • Top quality materials


  • Can attract dust mites
  • Will become dirty with time
  • Sags over the years

Product reviews

We have selected the most representative spring mattresses on the market, and reviewed their advantages and disadvantages and other characteristics one by one

1. Brentwood finale quilted eurotop innerspring mattress

Available in the sizes Twin, Queen, Twin XL, King and California King, the Brentwood Finale is about eleven inches in height. It uses thirteen and a half gauge tempered steel spring coils for boosted support. There is an extra thick layer of padded upholstery of about six inches combined into a deluxe euro top offering ultimate plush comfort. The mattress is rolled up and compressed to save on shipping costs and the shipping weight is approximately seventy two pounds.


One of the god things about this mattress is that is manufactured in the US. One can sleep comfortably and wake up feeling rested. The Brentwood Finale provides an even and symmetrical comfort. It blends the right amounts of softness with the right amounts of firmness to concoct a magnificent mattress. It is accompanied by a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The installation is just a simple matter of ripping open the packaging and it plumps up into a nice bed offering luxurious comfort to anyone.


There are some users who have experienced some troubles with this mattress. Some found the stitching of the edges and corners to be sloppy and some found it to appear as if deformed. Meanwhile some people even complained that the bed is not comfortable and one has to sleep in the middle of the bed to keep from falling.

Right on the money

The Brentwood Finale has had very little bad reviews and a lot of good reviews. The price is just right so it does not pull on the budget strings while the comfort is so splendid that it should not be passed up. If you want to feel luxury, this mattress is it!

2. Brentwood intrigue quilted inner spring mattress

Having a thickness of approximately seven inches, the Brentwood Intrigue is available in four different sizes; Twin, Full, Queen and Twin XL. For an everlasting support, the Brentwood Intrigue incorporates thirteen and a half gauge tempered steel coils in its mattress. Added plush comfort is guaranteed by its multiple layers of padded upholstery and quilting. It is available for shipping throughout the US and a selected other countries. The mattress is compressed and rolled up for the ease of delivery.


One of the good things about the Brentwood Intrigue is that it is manufactured in USA. Also, the mattress comes with a one year warranty which can be claimed in case you experience dissatisfaction. It comes with easy installation- all you have to do is cut up the packaging and it starts to decompress and inflate into its original size. The lack of its quality is compensated by the amazingly low price.


Even though the Brentwood Intrigue has layers of padding and quilting between the coils and the cover, the springs will poke you in the back when you are tossing and turning to catch a wink. In addition to this, it is not a noise free mattress and the sounds of the springs become quite annoying. Even though it is advertised to be seven inches thick, it does not really feel like it. The thickness feels around five inches or so but definitely nowhere near seven inches.

3. Brentwood well-being encore Mattress

The Brentwood Encore is one of the beautifully designed mattresses in the Brentwood Performance series. It flaunts its inner spring construction and exquisite craftsmanship and is one step ahead of the Brentwood Intrigue. The mattress has eight inch Certipur-US certified soft foam with extra plush.

It guarantees peaceful and calming sleep. The individually wrapped 13.8 gauge steel springs are super quiet unlike many other bed springs, working together with the padded, quilted surface providing even more comfort. Each mattress is manufactured in USA and with a one year warranty. It saves one shipping costs by easy compressed and rolled up packaging. Sizes available are Twin, Full, Queen, Twin XL.


According to the customer reviews, the packaging was simple enough to open up and the delivery was as promised. The mattress is a soft and highly comfortable as the company claims. Another point worth noting about the Brentwood Encore is that it is a fair deal, meaning to say that this level of comfort would usually have a higher price than the Brentwood Encore has.


The first and foremost drawback of purchasing this mattress is that it takes at least two days to decompress and plump up, since its packaging is done by compressing it. Many customers have complained that it loses its cushioning too soon. Since the mattress is very soft, a person with heavy build is not recommended to use it because they would eventually feel themselves sinking into the mattress. It is also a heavy mattress and therefore moving it is a hassle.

Best for lightweight sleepers

Although the mattress is as soft as advertised, it is not suitable for normal to heavy build persons. On the other hand lightweight sleepers would surely enjoy a relaxing sleep.