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How to Decide What Color to Paint Your House

What factors play a part in the color that your house should be painted? And who should have input on the color decisions that you make for your house? How can you go about figuring out what color your house should be? This might sound like an easy question to answer at first, but figuring out the color that you want your house to be can often prove to be more difficult than it seems. Even though this isn’t always the easiest of tasks, we often feel like we should be the only ones with any input in this decision. Why not try consulting a professional painter or decorator to help you choose an appropriate color? Regardless of whether you’re going to be painting the house yourself, or hiring someone else to do the job for you, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First off, you need to consider colors that compliment the design of your house.

The area you live in can make a big difference in the color that you choose for your home. Some areas have laws and rules that limit the types of colors that people can paint their homes. If your neighborhood is full of houses with white paint and red doors, do you really think it would be appropriate to paint your house red with a white door? Make sure you look around and ask your neighbors what they think. There might be expectations from your neighbors in regards to what colors are acceptable.

If you’re living out in the middle of nowhere and you have few neighbors spaced far apart, there’s not really much for you to worry about. And if you’re painting inside your home, as opposed to the outside of your home, there’s nothing to worry about there either. Talk to your friends and family members who spend the most time in the house, and show them the color combinations you’re considering. Do you remember all those real estate programs on TV that show people walking through homes with crazy paint jobs, and the looks on their faces when they saw these paint jobs? These people might not even consider buying that house because the color in one of the rooms is so bizarre.

Second of all, you want to try and blend in with your surroundings.

Every room of your home should flow from room to room, and the outside of the house should flow along into the inside. There may be a few exceptions to this rule, but that’s not something we’re going to talk about. The inside of your home can definitely be much more reflective of your personality than the outside – which needs to be colored to look like it’s a part of your neighborhood. But, the paint job that you give your house might even inspire your neighbors to consider repainting their own homes. Rather than wanting your house to stick out from all the others, try thinking about your house as contributing to the other neighborhood as a whole.

Third of all, you do want your house to be a little special.

White picket fences might look nice to some people, but not to others. So what is special about your house that you can accent? Does your house have any neat little architectural details that set it apart from the neighboring houses? Do you maybe have porch columns that you can paint in different colors, or windows and door frames that could be painted in complementary colors? What about the shutters? Just by changing a few small details with fresh colors, you can make your house look brand new.

If you paint your house a soft, or neutral color for the larger parts, adding touches of more vibrant hues can really contribute a lot to how your house looks. Framing effects and borders are other things to keep in mind.
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