Garden Shade Netting To Shade Your Garden

To some, adding shade to one’s garden may seem totally the wrong thing to do, we are usually looking for the sunniest part of our yard to grow vegetables. So while adding garden netting for shade protection could seem counterproductive, it will add some versatility to your vegetable plot that you may never have thought about before. This product can be used in any climate and will allow you to start some plants that prefer indirect sun or those that like some shade from the warmest part of the day.

Plants like tomatoes and beans thrive in direct sunlight in the heat of summer, however more tender plants that dry out very quickly will benefit from creating some shade walls made from shade cloth. This will create cooler areas that won’t need to be watered as much and give you the diversity to grow plants that ordinarily would have shriveled in the hot midday sun. So if you live in a hot climate use the garden netting for shade and also as a windbreak.

Living in a cooler climate a garden will also benefit from the correct use of netting in the garden, by using it around the windy cooler side of your garden you can extend your season of growth and create a warmer area for those tender vegetables that may have been battered by strong winds, the sun will then warm the plant protected by the netting. Starting fall seeds directly into the soil is another option, using netting will give them a better start and allow them to grow strong without getting beaten by the winds and heavier fall rains.

Visit a local garden center and see how they use their garden shade netting, it will give you lots of ideas to take back and use in your own garden, use your imagination and create areas with your shade netting to benefit your plants.