Knife Holders – A Kitchen Essential!

A knife holder is essential for every kitchen and they come in all shapes and styles. Whether you already have a traditional wooden knife block (in which knives are dropped into its existing slots) and you fancy trading in it for something a bit different, or you have a contemporary, stylish kitchen and need a knife block to match it, there is more choice than you probably realize.

There are many models of magnetic knife holders on the market and they are a popular choice as they are thought to be neat and hygienic, A brand recommended by professionals and amateurs alike is the Wusthof magnetic knife holder, which comes in a wall-mounted option, allowing you to view your knife selection with just a quick glance. Available in silver or black, it is versatile and compact, and easy to attach to your wall or cabinet with a few screws. Its strong magnetic strip holds even larger knives in place and it comes in a variety of lengths.

A wall-mounted design is a great option to keep your knives out of your children’s reach, or if counter space is an issue. Other stainless utensils, for example, wire whisks, can be attached alongside your knives. Wusthof also makes counter-top versions, which also use invisible magnets to keep the knives in place. Again, there are several sizes available, depending on how many knives you have to store, and it comes in different colors of wood including natural and black. Slip-resistant feet ensure that the holder won’t slip around on the kitchen counter.

The voodoo knife holder (also known as the voodoo knife block) is a modern, funky piece. Available in black, red, and pink metal or chrome and gold plastic, it is lots of fun but at the same time stylishly crafted and top quality. Shaped like a voodoo man, its knives are held securely in place in their slots by magnets, It’s an ideal gift for a chef with a sense of humor! Five knives are included to cover all food preparation needs including a chef’s knife, a carving knife, and a  paring knife. It is sure to be a talking point in your kitchen!

The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello

THE EX, A radical alternative to the typical block o’ wood, will revolutionize the way you store your knives! No knife holder has taken a greater stab at the theatrical than this specially designed Ex knife holder. Et Tu, Brute? This 5pc knife holder is unlike any cutlery set you have ever seen! This whimsical, artistic kitchen accessory holds 5 high-quality stainless steel kitchen knives (included) in a rather unorthodox fashion – STORE YOUR KNIVES IN AN ANONYMOUS EFFIGY DEDICATED TO WHOMEVER YOU PLEASE! Take out your frustrations as you store your knives! Makes a perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece! Plastic casings house every knife to prevent blade exposure. Set includes 1-Plastic figurine 1 – 8″ Chef Knife 1 – 8″ Bread Knife 1 – 8″ Carver 1 – 5″ Utility Knife 1 – 3.5″ Parer 25 Year Warranty