Miguel - Adorn

Adorn Lyrics

Yeah, these lips...
Can`t wait to taste your skin baby
No, no
And these eyes, yeah
Can`t wait to see your grin...
OOh baby
Just let my love
Just let mu love adorn you
Please baby, yeah
You gotta know (x2)
You know
That I adorn you
Yeah baby
Baby these fist...
Will always protect ya lady
And this mind oh,
Will never neglect you,
Yeah baby,
Oh baby
And this thang
Trying to break us down
Don`t let that effect us,
No baby
You just got to let
My love...
Let my love (x2)
Adorn you
Ahh, le, le, le let it
Just adorn you
You got to know
You got to know
Know that I adorn you
Just that babe
I, oh
Let my love adorn you baby...
Don`t you ever
Don`t you let no one
Tell you different baby
Always adorn you
You got to know
You got to know (x3)
Now yeah...

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