Replacing a Broken Oven Part

You can never tell when certain components on your electric oven will fail. The thing about it is that it seems to have the worst timings and occurs when you need the appliance the most, such as when preparing for Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving. Thus, you have to be able to take notice of certain symptoms so that you will know that your oven is about to break down before it even does. Usually, these oven elements will have some bright spot to signal that they are about to burn out, and when you notice these you should already replace them immediately. This is important because if you don’t and you just let them burn out, other electrical components may be affected and thus worsen your appliance.

To replace an oven element, first, disconnect the oven from the electrical outlet. You can either simply unplug it, or turn off the breakers. Next, pull the appliance from the walls so that you can have easy access to all of its sides. After that, take off the rear panel of the range to show the element wiring and keep a keen eye on the burnt-out or about to be burnt-out elements.

Once you have identified these elements, take off the element wiring carefully by unscrewing the connections. Make sure that you do not break the connections or strip the screw head especially when you use the screwdriver. Refer to the oven manual to determine how the oven is constructed and how you can deconstruct it properly. Remove the dysfunctional elements but not with your bare hands to avoid being pricked by possible sharp parts and from touching harmful chemicals that constitute the white powdered insulation. Then, simply replace them with original parts from a parts store and reconnect the oven back together.

Do-it-yourself repair is not for everyone, however, as one single mistake may cause you to further add damage to your already dysfunctional appliance. Thus, the best solution is to still approach the experts. If you live in San Diego, California, give App-Fix-It San Diego Appliance Repair a call at (619) 866-5987, or go directly to their business office with your broken appliance at 1286 University Avenue San Diego, CA, 92103.