The Benefits of Using a Hot Water Heater Blanket in Your Home

There are many benefits to installing a hot water heater blanket. First, it cuts down on the electricity bills you incur (especially in winter when you need lots of hot water). It also saves on the amount of energy you use. What’s more, it insulates your water heater much better. How can you be sure of this? Well, touch the sides of your heater. If they’re warm, then you can confidently conclude that the insulation isn’t working properly. Don’t think that just because there’s hot water inside, the sides should be warm. A hot water heater blanket keeps the heater well insulated, thus makes sure that you can conserve precious energy.

A major benefit of the hot water heater blanket is that you don’t have to keep your water heater on all the time. This keeps your electricity costs to a minimum, thus you can save a lot of money. It’s because the blanket, when used, keeps the water hot for a long time, even after the heater itself has been switched off. The water is kept at the correct hot temperature, till it is switched on again, so you can save quite a lot of money and energy!

If you are part of a family that takes its showers mainly at night, or even early in the morning, then this is a pretty effective way to save your money, something I think most of us could benefit from these days! This is because electricity is usually at its highest rate during peak hours – so you can save significant amounts of money by cutting at least 25-30 dollars off your monthly bills. So spend 20-25 dollars on the hot water heater blanket, and you will realize that over the next year, you will save lots of money with this simple energy-saving tip.