Valentine’s Day dos and don’ts

On February 14th it’s that time again: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While some people are against the “token of love by appointment”, which is often expressed through standardized consumption, Valentine’s Day has a high priority for others. For a successful day, optimal preparation is the be-all and end-all. However, despite perfect planning, things sometimes go completely differently than desired – and then get out of hand. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we explain the dos and don’ts on Valentine’s Day.

The preparations are ongoing

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, masses of roses are bought and given away – more than 50 million worldwide. On average, Germans spend €50 on gifts, flowers and that cliched romantic dinner. In the USA, on the other hand, as the country of origin of Valentine’s Day, things can definitely be unromantic; The date sometimes takes place at McDonalds. Because many fast-food chains offer special menus for couples there for Valentine’s Day. And if there is no partner to give presents to, you can simply give your pet a present. At least 3 percent of all pet owners do this.

But how is Valentine’s Day a complete success? And what should be avoided?

Things to do

1. Clear agreements prevent disappointment

It’s clear: Your partner doesn’t take Valentine’s Day half as seriously as you do — so no plans. An annoying pitfall you could have easily avoided. It’s best to plan ahead so you won’t be disappointed if the day doesn’t go as planned.

2. Small gifts keep love

Instead of buying a potentially expensive gift, consider a DIY gift that can also come in the form of a small gift. This shows your partner that you’ve gotten to know him and his interests in depth and that you’ve invested time in personal gifts. A great option, because the personal alternative to almost having to go to a restaurant is co-cooking nights – eating within the four walls of your home.

3. Time instead of things

Anyone can buy material gifts for themselves. What cannot be bought, however, is time. Give your partner the gift of spending time together. There are many ideas for spending time together: Whether it’s a visit to the opera house and a romantic couples massage, or a treasure hunt and a high-ropes course for the adventurer: the gift of time is a unique and valuable option.

4. Attention is an expression of love

Small surprises and loving attention show your partner: You mean a lot to me. The creativity is limitless: small gifts like handwritten messages you stash in your car or jacket pocket so your partner can easily find them, a spontaneous call or visit, even an invitation to dinner. But consider point 1: the greater the surprise planned, the greater the disappointment if the partner expects something else.

Do not do

1. Ignore your lover

If your partner is looking forward to Valentine’s Day and simply forgets about the occasion, or worse, ignores it, it could lead to a nasty argument. It’s best to keep reminders on your smartphone or calendar. Reminders should be sent as early as possible so you don’t get a last-minute gift.

2. The Day of Love Separation

Valentine’s Day is considered a day of love. Even if you know couples who happened to be separated that day, you shouldn’t take this opportunity to separate. If you see no other way out, then do an exit interview beforehand – in person anyway, not via text (no, not even a WhatsApp voice message counts as a personal interview).

3. Excessive drinking

Especially on Valentine’s Day and the day before: if alcohol is consumed, only as tolerated. Under no circumstances should you expect your partner to hangover in bed or even be carried home by him because you can no longer be on your own. According to the individual’s physique and tolerance, drinking alcohol is allowed on Valentine’s Day, but in moderation.

Valentine’s Day is single – what to do?

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to give up Valentine’s Day.

First, you can give yourself a gift. For example, treat yourself with something you’ve longed for, or pamper yourself with a bouquet of flowers, or enjoy a long sauna session.

Also consider: If you live alone, you won’t be disappointed in your partner. Enjoy your own time and follow your own preferences. Do you love cozy movie nights within your own four walls? Then go to the couch! Do you like to meet up with friends and spend an evening over good food and interesting conversations? Then pick up the phone and make an appointment! Whatever your preference: Valentine’s Day is a great time for singles to enjoy their independence.