What is soothing music? 4 features

How do you identify calming music? This question is difficult to answer. Some consider it heavy metal, others the classic sound of relaxation music. Nonetheless, here are four characteristics that characterize closed music.

How do we listen to music?

We listen to music to relax, fall asleep, or just to forget about our daily routine. Everyone feels music subjectively. This is illustrated by the fact that some people can focus on loud music, while others can only focus on quiet sounds. Still, soothing music has some characteristics based on the general audience. Here’s a small overview:

Features of Relaxing Music

slow pace

Soothing music is characterized by a slow tempo with few percussive elements. Paces try to “slow down” us in the truest sense of the word. This makes relaxation music very different from the often hectic and fast-paced everyday life.

natural instrument

Soothing music mostly uses natural instruments. This means that no distortion or artificial sounds are used. A natural instrument could be a harp, a flute, a strummed guitar, or like the song example here, an orchestral sound

harmony melody

Calm music mostly has harmonies and lengthy melodies and “warm” harmonies. These sounds spread out in front of our ear canals like a soothing sonic carpet, giving us a sense of security. Plus, they bring calm and balance, allowing you to rejuvenate and switch off.

sounds of nature

The positive effects of harmonious melodies and sounds are also supported by natural sounds. This could be birdsong, a waterfall, light rain or the sound of the ocean. Importantly, these sounds convey balance and calm.

music psychology

Music has a very special effect on us humans and our psyche. It lowers blood pressure and allows us to breathe deeper, which relaxes our bodies and reduces stress. This allows us to gather new energy while strengthening our focus.

Conclusion: What is soothing music?

Soothing music is not meant to make us sluggish, relaxing music is meant to make us more creative and improve our focus. This allows us to be more balanced in our daily lives and to face stressful situations with a cool head.

Features of Soothing Music at a Glance:

  • slow and calm pace
  • Natural instrument, no artificial influence
  • peaceful harmony and melody
  • Nature sounds (sounds of the sea, birdsong..)